Light Up Building Links
Light Up Building Links
Light Up Building Links
Light Up Building Links
Light Up Building Links
Light Up Building Links

Light Up Building Links

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Let your kids' imagination run wild with these light up building links.

Light Up Links are building links that actually light up and glow in the dark when they are activated. 

Light Up Links are also flexible, so they can create a wide array of objects, toys, accessories, and more. They can be used by themselves or as an addition to other toys.

Light Up Links are ideal for creating jump ropes, princess crowns, ball models, cars, and much more. There are no batteries required with the set. Light Up Links simply consist of LED lights.


  • No batteries are required
  • Water-resistant construction
  • 158-piece set of light-up toys
  • Click to connect, shake or tap to activate
  • Unique building links designed to light up children's imaginations
  • Children can build simple stars, magic wands, necklaces, goggles and more
  • 12 light-up link pods, 60 flexible link tubes, 52 connector links and 34 glowing connector links


    • Goggles

    You can use your Light Up Links to create a flashing pair of goggles for you to wear yourself, or make one that fits your teddy bear.

    • Creatures

    Light Up Links are ideal for making interesting creatures, such as light-up bugs or even a brilliant rainbow fish.

    • Wig

    If you want to feel like a rock star, just make long strings with your links to create a lit-up wig.

    • Jump Rope

    Skipping will suddenly become much more interesting when you start doing it with a blinking rope you’ve made with your links.

    • Musical Instruments

    If you’re still feeling that rock star vibe, you can get a bunch of friends together and create a pretend band. Use your Light Up Links to create the musical instruments of your wildest dreams.

    • Bike Accessories

    Light Up Links can be turned into amazing bike accessories that will be the envy of anyone who sees you with them. The light they provide will also help keep you safe while you’re riding at night.

    • Magic Wand

    If you’ve always dreamed of being a fairy princess, you can get a bit closer to that dream by using your Light Up Links to make a realistic-looking magic wand.

    • Ball

    Wrap your links around a blown-up balloon in order to create a fun ball that you can play with indoors and out. As you toss it around, its lights will spring to life.

    • Jewelry

    Use your Light Up Links to make attractive bracelets, necklaces, and headbands for yourself and your friends, or even your stuffed animals.


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